Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement


Don’t Suffer in a Hot Home

Houston and Surrounding areas gets too hot to go without a working AC in your home. If your AC breaks or isn’t working properly, call us and we will not only save you money but get it repaired quickly and efficiently.  Big D’s AC and Heating is a small mom and pop shop with years of experience. With low overhead, we can and will save you money.

Window units to help you sleep better are provided to our Annual Service Contract members if their home AC unit is not working properly until it is fixed.

If you are experiencing some of the following problems or would like to ask questions about a service, please give us a call:

Home not cooling properly

Loud sounds from outside AC unit

Vents blowing hot air

Faulty thermostat

Hot upstairs / cold downstairs

Ice on the outside unit lines

Why Us?

Years of experience in AC, Heating and Refrigeration means that we know how to get things done the right way, saving you time and money. You won’t be paying for fancy trucks with splashy logos or for a nationally known service – you’ll be paying for hardwork and dedication to keeping you and your family comfortable in the hot South Texas Heat.  

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Annual Maitenance Contract

Heating and Furnace Repair / Maitenance

Happy Customers

From another happy client. They were quoted $100 a pound for Freon. Jason went out and found it was a $50 fix! 
“I had the first good night of sleep last night in almost a week!!! Thanks Jason!!!” 

“Our A/C went out last night so I was looking for someone to get out here ASAP.  The response was phenomenal. They said they’d bring out window units in case our issue couldn’t be fixed today. Thankfully he was able to fix it so we didn’t need the units. What a great offer though! He was the only one I came across that offered to do this at no additional cost. So he shows up on Sunday morning within 2 hrs of my call and he lives an hour away. He was able to quickly diagnose the problem and offer a solution. His pricing is great and customer service is even better! I will be using Big D’s again and recommending them to my friends and family. ”

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